General Information – this information addresses a number of questions commonly asked about Lewis Fields.

Why Lewis Fields?

Our residents know their home simply as Lewis Fields. Lewis Fields is derived from the location of the estate, on land owned by the Lewis family.

How do I apply for residence in the village?

Initially, this simply involves filling in an “Application to Reside” for the villa of your choice and paying a holding deposit of $1,000, which is fully refundable if you are unable to proceed.

We suggest you discuss any documentation with a solicitor of your choice prior to signing and exchanging agreements.

If the agreement is made subject to the sale of your existing home, any deposit paid by you is fully refundable should you be unable to sell your home in accordance with the terms of the agreement.

Who owns and manages Lewis Fields Retirement Village?

Aspen Property Group purchased Lewis Fields from the Lewis family in June 2021. Their vision is to grow the village to its full potential adding new homes over the next few years to create a inviting and vibrant community.

Aspen Property Group (Footprint MB Pty Ltd) are known as the Administration Authority/Operators (Village Management). We also have a Village Manager and Maintenance Manager for the day to day operation of the village.

Who built the villas?

Rossdale Homes have been engaged to build the fourth stage of units at Lewis Fields. Rossdale Homes are a proud family owned company that has been building award winning homes since 1980.

Many local contractors and tradesmen will be employed on the project to support the local community.

How can I be sure that the standard of the village and support services provided will not diminish over time?

One of the main benefits of a lifetime license, as opposed to other types of security of tenure is that Lewis Fields retains ownership of the village and therefore has a prime interest in ensuring that the reputation of the village’s facilities and services are always maintained at the highest possible standard.

How will I know when it is the right time to move?

If you are thinking about the desire to have a home that is low maintenance, provides good security, has access to an array of facilities and services, lets you enjoy your friends and the activities you choose to enjoy in your retirement, then independent retirement living is a solution you should consider.

So many new residents in retirement establishments across Australia say they wish they had made the move earlier.

Are there any restrictions over the amount of time that residents can spend away from the village?

The only requirement is that the residents advise Village Management of the intended period of absence and any changes to that period which may occur.

One of the many advantages of living in a retirement village is that you can holiday or travel for any length of time without worrying about the maintenance and security of your home. This is taken care of, so you can enjoy your leisure time with peace of mind.

Can I still do some gardening?

Yes you may, however, you will need to maintain that garden to a standard in keeping with the rest of the village gardens. We have provided all homes with landscaped front gardens. You may establish your own private rear garden for your personal private space to use as you please.

Our friendly and helpful gardening staff will maintain all common areas of the village gardens.

When can I move in?

After the balance of settlement funds (ingoing contribution) has been paid in full unless prior special arrangements have been made with the Administration Authority.

Can I make improvements to the villa?

Yes, once any improvements, additions or alterations are discussed and approved by the Village Manager. This is to make sure that all improvements etc. are done with council consent (if required) and noted for insurance purposes.

These costs are at the expense of the resident and are non-refundable.

Can I bring my pets?

Lewis Fields is a pet friendly village. Permission must be sought prior to moving in by completing a simple application form.

What community facilities will there be available to me?

Lewis Fields has a community clubhouse for residents to use. The Clubhouse has been set up to provide residents the opportunity to use the facilities anytime, including TV, DVD, games, gym, billiard table, kitchen facilities and computers with internet access.

There is also a BBQ, an under cover outdoor area and a petanque piste for residents to use for social events.

Does the village provide an emergency call system and facilities specially designed for the residents?

Absolutely. One of our key objectives is to ensure that, wherever possible, residents live in a normal, healthy, independent environment. All homes are equipped with an emergency call system which is monitored 24 hours a day, so help is always close at hand.

When the time comes for more help at home, village management can assist you to access home support services.

Is my long-term occupancy at the Village secure?

Yes, your long term occupancy is secure under your Residence Contract and the South Australian Retirement Village Act (2016).

Under section 56 of the Act an endorsement is required on the title which is a charge to secure the refundable ingoing contribution entitlement to the resident.

What is the ingoing sum I must pay and the regular maintenance charges and any extraordinary costs which can be imposed on me?

The ingoing contribution is the amount payable for your villa and is considered under the Retirement Village Act (2016) as an interest free loan paid to the Administering Authority. It is payment for the right to reside in the village and the use of the communal facilities and services during your period of occupancy.

The regular maintenance charges are paid by residents on a monthly basis. Known as the “resident service fee” to cover their share of items such as council and water rates, insurance (other than contents insurance), electricity for the common areas and maintenance of grounds and buildings and emergency call system.

Personal items of expenditure will include electricity, telephone and contents insurance.

What Stamp Duty is payable on the purchase of my home at Lewis Fields?

Lewis Fields homes are purchased by way of a license. This provides a significant saving to our residents as no Stamp Duty is payable. This represents a saving of approximately $10,000 compared to buying a standard residential property.

In effect, this saving covers approximately 2 years in maintenance charges at Lewis Fields.

Are the residents actively involved in decisions concerning the level of maintenance and services provided and their cost, and how are these fees varied in the future?

Village Management will ensure that every resident has a voice in the affairs of the village. There is a Residents Committee that meet regularly to discuss matters of common interest and any recommendations it might wish to make are forwarded to the Management.

Representatives of this Committee are also involved in the formulation of the village’s annual outgoings budget each year.

What is the Capital Replacement Fund used for?

This fund covers the replacement of any capital items in your home, e.g. hot water service, dishwasher, oven & hotplates, carpets etc. (except non-insurable event).

It also covers for the purpose of repairing or renewing any communal improvements and structural repairs to village buildings. This might include refurbishment of roadways, replacing the furniture and other fittings in the Clubhouse.

The fund is also used to reinstate/refurbish your villa prior to re-licensing.

Payment to the Capital Replacement Fund is paid once you leave the village and when your villa has been re-licensed.

What do my Resident Service Fees go towards?

Fees cover the following items…

  • Council Rates
  • Water rates
  • Emergency call system monitoring
  • Emergency Service Levy
  • Building insurance
  • Salary of the Village Manager and the Ground Staff
  • Management expenses
  • Cleaning of the community facilities
  • Village maintenance and repairs
  • Grounds presentation & maintenance of the common areas & grounds
  • Community light & power

Provision of a sinking fund Fees are reviewed each financial year and may increase as additional facilities are provided and when costs increase over time.

What am I responsible for paying?

  • Contents Insurance with indemnity
  • Electricity
  • Telephone, Pay TV, Internet etc.

If I leave Lewis Fields, and after the relicensing of my home, what fees apply?


This is charged at 7% of the New Re-Licensing Amount, plus 0.5% for each month or part thereof, to a maximum of 36 months. e.g.:

  • 7% if departure is not more than one month after the 90 day settling in period.
  • 19% after 24 months.
  • 25% after 36 months.
  • 25% from then-on.


This is charged at 0.1% of the Original Loan for each month or part thereof to a maximum of 12%. e.g.

  • 2.4% after two years,
  • 6% after five years,
  • 12% after ten years and
  • 12% from then-on


There is a marketing fee applicable to the relicensing of your villa.

What is the reservation fee?

To reserve a villa, a $1,000 reservation fee known as a deposit will be paid when you sign an Application to Reside.

The $1,000 reservation fee (deposit) will be refunded should you decide not to proceed or if your agreement is made subject to the sale of your existing home and you are unable to sell your home.

When can I move in?

You can move in prior to settlement once you have an unconditional resident’s agreement. We allow access to your new home up to 7 days prior to settlement so you can move your furniture and belongings into the villa. If you do move in prior to settlement then your commencement date and payment of levies will be from your move in date not your settlement date (when you pay for the unit).

Are there shopping facilities near Lewis Fields?

Lewis Fields is ideally located in Parker Avenue with easy access to all the shopping options available in Strathalbyn.

Is there caravan parking?

Room for caravan parking storage is available for residents on a first in basis.

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